Lie to Me

I’ve seen this book on a lot of displays lately, and had a lot of people asking about it, so I decided to give J.T. Ellison a try. After all, when it’s part of a 50 percent off Book Haul sale, how can you not buy it (and a few others…)?

Ethan and Sutton Montclaire have taken a lot of punches lately, but they thought their love was strong enough to withstand all life was throwing at them. But one morning, Ethan wakes up to a cryptic note from Sutton, saying she needs some time and not to look for her. Knowing how it looks, and how it will look, Ethan finally approaches the police and reports his wife as a missing person.

It seems like Sutton has disappeared without a trace, but everyone is looking at Ethan for answers, and as a suspect. It quickly becomes clear there is more going on than anyone first suspected–and nothing is what it seems.

Written essentially in two parts, from two different points of view, Ellison drops a few breadcrumbs to show you where she’s going while reserving the big surprise for the end. She also does an excellent job of making you suspect all sorts of things throughout the book. Highlighting how just one side of a story can skew perception, things don’t become clear until Ellison has told both parts, and starts picking out the real truths from her characters’ memories.

A domestic thriller all about revenge, Lie to Me is the story of a husband and wife torn apart by their secrets and suspicions. Ellison writes in a fast-paced style with short chapters that move the story along. Occasionally, you’ll want to reach through the book and smack some sense into one character or the other, and you may find that you don’t particularly like any of them, but it’s all worth it when you get to the end and remember the suspicion you had somewhere during the read that turned out to be right, but with more depth than you could have imagined.

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