Publication update

After I turned in my short stories for consideration for publication, I didn’t necessarily forget about them, but I wasn’t holding my breath. Despite having actually had time to put into writing them, after I submitted them I really started doubting whether they were really any good.

It seemed like a long time has passed without hearing anything (because somehow a month seems like a really long time. I swear I’m a grown up, not a kid…). Then one morning I woke up and had a couple emails–two of my three submissions were accepted.

I was a little surprised, one of them was the one I definitely thought was the weakest of them all. But they did choose my science fiction story, which was the one I most enjoyed writing.

Being selected is an encouragement, though, especially when I’d convinced myself that the stories I submitted were mediocre and probably not going to be chosen. Now I just have to channel that encouragement into new writing. I’ve hardly lifted a pen lately, but I need to. I know that it’ll help me pull myself out of the slump I’m in, a little at a time.

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