Writing for clarity

A lot of my writing lately has been about self-discovery. Yes, it’s been a lot of fiction, but the things my characters struggle with are the same things I’m working through. And putting them in tough positions where they have to help themselves gives me a degree of clarity.

But I’ve also been doing some free writing of a different kind, more streams of my own conscious, in an attempt to get myself out of the way and discover my truths, if you will.

If you follow my blog, you know that a lot of my characters lately have been struggling with anxiety and purpose, understanding who they are meant to be, same as me. Some people might wonder how a person loses sight of themselves five years after graduating college with clear direction… and let’s just say it’s the result of choices. It’s hard to make yourself forget everything you wanted and dreamed, but somehow I’ve managed pretty well.

But that’s a whole different issue.

In walking myself through the exercises in the book I’m reading and actually writing the responses, I’ve found myself opening up to myself, letting myself be a little more honest than I have been lately.

Yeah, it’s not actually going to help my writing, unless some day I’m famous enough to warrant a biography. But, in discovering myself, I’ll find the stories I want to tell, and find the energy and passion to tell them. And that’s what matters to me right now. So it may not be new content and exciting discoveries to share, but it’s process. It’s a small step in the right direction.

1 thought on “Writing for clarity

  1. Paris Gramann

    This is so lovely, Leese! It makes so much sense and I’ve found such a safe zone with writing in allowing myself to be more honest and gentle with my difficult emotions. Thanks for your sharing in the blog. Would love to hear more of your stream of consciousnesses!


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