True Evil

One of the things I enjoy about Greg Iles is that, even with standalone books, they are still interrelated, with characters from one book or series making appearances in others.

When FBI agent Alex Morse’s Sister dies, Morse is left with a charge: to save her nephew. Morse’s sister believes she was murdered. After some digging, Morse discovers what she believes is a pattern, but the hard part is proving it. Morse has a cluster of cases of suspicious deaths in Natchez, and the one common factor is a local divorce attorney who was contacted by the spouses– including Morse’s brother-in-law.

Now Morse has a new lead, because the attorney has a new client. Morse needs to convince Dr Chris Shepard that he’s in danger from his wife, and that she really has a case to pursue. But time is running out, and Morse stands to lose everything.

True Evil was a fast-paced story, kind of unique in it’s style. It sounds like an outlandish conspiracy at first, but Iles goes into the science and creates a scheme so his villains can commit the perfect crime.

My only frustration with the book is the addition of gratuitous sex scenes that really don’t make a difference to the storyline, nor add any depth to the character.

Otherwise, Iles proves himself as a quality thriller writer, creating relatable characters and intriguing situations that keep you interested right until the end.

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