Don’t You Cry

If you ever get the chance to snag a Mary Kubica book, do it. Her thrillers are uniquely written, each storyline leading to a logical conclusion that you didn’t quite see coming.

In Don’t You Cry, Quinn Collins is getting nervous, because her roommate Esther Vaughn disappeared without a trace. Becoming increasingly more frantic, Quinn searches Esther’s stuff for clues, and finds cryptic, creepy letters addressed to “My Dearest,” and signed “EV.” Quinn starts to wonder if Esther is really the person she thought.

Meanwhile, a few hours away, Alex Gallo sees a mysterious woman show up in the diner he works at. Inexplicably drawn to her, Alex is desperate to know more about her, to know her secrets. But the truth is more sinister than he could have imagined.

Though a little slow to start (or maybe it’s just because my mind has been obsessed with other things lately), Don’t You Cry May actually be my favorite of the three Kubica books I’ve read. Written in first person, it’s easy to get sucked into Quinn’s panic and confusion, and easy to feel sympathy and understanding with Alex and his sudden crush.

Don’t You Cry is a new twist on a domestic thriller, and it leads you in several directions before all the clues fall into place, pointing to the logical conclusion.

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