Setting new goals

I have a confession: I have a hard time making myself set aside time to write.

I love writing. I love uncovering the story, planning and outlining. But I have a hard time making myself sit down and put it on paper.

I think maybe in part because lately I’ve been using stories to process my life, which makes it less of an escape than I might be looking for.

It may also just be that I’m lazy, and writing is work. But I don’t want to think about that.

This week, I didn’t set aside a lot of time, just some stolen moments. This week my goal is to actually set aside time. At least two days this week, I’m going to sit for at least an hour and just write, see where the story goes.

I’m not doing a lot of planning or outlining. I’m trying the fly by the seat of my pants approach, to see if it taps into my creativity in a different way.

But, despite not getting as far as I wanted, I did make a start last week, and that’s what counts. Beginnings are hard. I always feel pressure to start with something incredible, but that never seems to happen. But I chose to dive right in, and the story is already compelling (to me).

So, here’s to this week and accomplishing goals.

1 thought on “Setting new goals

  1. sircharlesthepoet

    I write on the train, on my way to wherever haha! But good luck! I also have a hard time setting time aside to write. But we all have our different styles. For example, setting aside time to write was very productive for me (during the 3 weeks that I kept it up), but I just cannot function with a very structured schedule. Instead, I go through ideas of what to write about in my head, while I am doing absolutely anything, from showering to working my day job (and yes, I write about my dreams too). And when I get something in my head, I stop dead, pull out my phone and write it down or, if it’s during work, I go to the bathroom and write in the bathroom stall haha. We each have our different methods of writing. I hope this helps! and Good luck, once again!


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