No Quitting Allowed

Last week I set myself a goal to set aside specific time to write, to use a couple bigger time chunks and really make some progress.

I wrote for one hour one day, and some half hour chunks a couple times throughout the week. What I discovered (not really so shocking) is that when I commit to longer periods of writing, I get more involved in the story. When the story is moving along, and I’m on a roll, I don’t actually want to stop. That’s an exciting mindset to be in, and one that I’ve missed, without even realizing it.

I’ve been handwriting my story so far (when I’m stealing a few minutes at work, I’m more likely to focus when I’m literally writing), which definitely has slowed down progress a little. But I’m OK with that. I’ve considered switching back and forth, but I think I will do the whole draft in this notebook (or at least as much as I can before it’s full). Transcribing it will be an editing opportunity.

I didn’t mention it in my last post, but I chose to go with story idea number 1: the girl living a double life, extroverted to the outside world, but truly very introverted. Already, things have been changing a little. She’s maybe not so introverted as me, which is OK. Also, the double life thing might be more of a background story, as what takes prominence (or has so far) is not allowing yourself to be molded into who someone else wants you to be. I’m not very far in. She’s still just meeting her biological family and trying to fit herself in with them. So we’ll see where the story goes and what direction it takes.

I’m not doing any outlining. Right now, it’s more of a free writing exercise, allowing the ideas that feel important to me to show themselves as they will. As I said, already things look a little different than I’d imagined. But that’s part of the process I love. It makes the stories I write as enjoyable as reading a really engaging book–I have a few ideas where the story could go, but I won’t know until we get there.

This week is going to be a long week, but I’m going to make a point to lose myself more in the story. I can feel it’s important for me to get out. I’m not going to allow myself to give up on this one.

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