The Pen Versus the Keyboard

I’ve been hand writing for the entirety of my project so far.

I had discovered that, when snatching a few minutes throughout the day, I’d have more success hand writing than trying to write on my phone (I’m easily distracted). However, for the full project, I’m wondering if I’m allowing myself to be a little lazy by hand writing.

Although my project is coming along, I find that I can sit down to write for an hour, and still only get two or three pages written. Without a word count, I don’t really know how it compare to typing, but it feels like I’m not making as much progress as I could be if I were typing.

Typing can also allow me to stop thinking and just let the story go, I think. Whereas when I’m writing, I find myself pausing a lot, not getting quite as deep into the story during a sitting. But then, that could also be because I’d gotten into the habit of outlining more and having a chapter by chapter guide to work with, whereas this project I’m just letting the story do it’s own thing.

I found myself debating if writing out the story in a notebook was really the best way to go. But when I did have time to write, I still physically wrote. So, for now, I guess I’ll keep going with that.

I didn’t carve out as much time this week as I intended to, and this coming week will be tricky with my work schedule, but I’m committed to making it work. I keep saying it’s important to me, but not making a point to set aside time. That’s something I intend to remedy, starting now.

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