Everything is Figureoutable

When you’re stuck in a slump and don’t really know how to move forward, the phrase “everything is figureoutable” seems to be exactly what you need.

When I saw an advanced copy of Marie Forleo’s new book, I was immediately drawn to it, because I definitely have some things to figure out. But I haven’t really known how and where to start. What do you do when you aren’t sure what you want to do? When you’ve buried dreams and goals so deep you don’t really remember them? Well, lucky for me, Marie has some tips for that.

Marie starts with her own history of hearing the phrase “everything is figureoutable” from her mother, and how it helped her when she reached her own breaking point in wondering what to do and who to be. Marie then breaks down her experiences, and those of others, into easy advice and steps, including eliminating excuses, defining dreams, and starting before you’re ready.

Most chapters also include exercises at the end for you to start implementing and evaluating the topics discussed. These include tracking your time; imagining worse-case scenarios and coming up with a plan for dealing with it, if it happens; taking seven days to write out things you want and seeing what pops up the most; acknowledging what you’d try if you didn’t have to worry about perfection; and so many more. Marie encourages her readers to do each activity, writing answers down on paper, in order to get the best results.

The book is written in such a down-to-earth, chatty format, it goes by so fast. Marie includes gems of encouragement, and kicks in the butt when needed. Having read the book, I can just imagine what her conferences, podcasts, and tv episodes must be like. The book also just feels genuine. With the stories of others who have used her philosophy, as well as her own experiences, the book doesn’t feel like “do this for success,” but more the kind of advice your close friend might give you. It’s real, and told in a real way.

More than anything, Marie voices throughout her belief that the world needs you, an individual. It doesn’t matter if someone else has done a thing, if you haven’t done it your way, the world needs it. In an age where social media makes it so easy to compare yourself and give up when you see someone successfully living your dream, this message is so important. You can do it, if you want it bad enough.

This book was exactly what I needed at this time. After doing the exercises I have a clearer idea of where to begin in finding what I want to do. I have a list of goals I know I want to accomplish. I have a bucket list, if you will, and one that I truly want to accomplish.

So if you’re feeling stuck, feeling lost, need some motivation, or just want to grow a little more, check out Everything is Figureoutable, in bookstores today.

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