The Fragile World

Paula Treick DeBoard weaves another compelling story in The Fragile World.

The Kaufman’s were an ordinary family until tragedy strikes. When Daniel Kaufman is killed in a chance accident, his family is left to try to pick up the pieces of their lives. His parents split up, losing themselves in their work, and his sister Olivia becomes terrified of everything.

Olivia lives with her dad Curtis in California, but things start to change years later when Curtis starts them off on a journey to see Kathleen, Olivia’s mother living in Nebraska. But Nebraska may not be the ultimate destination, and in his course to right a wrong, Curtis may destroy what’s left of his family.

Written in first person, alternating from Curtis and Olivia’s points of view, the story gets deep into the minds of the two characters most motivated and affected by Daniel’s death. The chapters are short, moving the story along quickly without sacrificing depth and quality.

DeBoard’s characters get quickly into your heart. Each character is uniquely relatable in how they deal with the trauma and stress life throws their way. And the story, while heart-wrenching, celebrates family. Family is worth fighting for, and the Kaufman’s, in their own way, each fight for their family as best as they can.

With each book I read, I’m more and more convinced of DeBoard’s mastery of writing gripping, real-life stories that weave drama, suspense, and a dash of mystery together in the best ways possible.

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