The Mission of a Lifetime

I’d been eyeballing this book all summer, in light of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. So when it went 50% off in July, I couldn’t help myself. Who wouldn’t want to read a book full of wisdom from the men who went to the moon?

Basil Hero lays out a collection of wisdom and lessons from the Apollo astronauts , along with a dash of the history and the journeys they took.

Covering a variety of topics such as fear, faith, focus, responsibility, sacrifice, marriage, leadership, and the environment, Hero’s interviews with the remaining astronauts paints an insider picture of what made these brave men committed and willing–and what their wives had to go through. Though it would be easy to imagine these astronauts as cocky and arrogant, the picture Hero gives is of humble men who believed in the job, and believed it was about more than just themselves.

Hero also includes chapters on the future–both of space exploration, and the environmental future of earth. Both questions are world-wide questions, not up to any one nation to solve single handedly, but for everyone to come together for the benefit of all.

The Mission of a Lifetime was just as good as I expected it to be. A former investigative journalist, Hero puts his skills to use and writes an easy-to-read narrative focusing on his various topics, while also including the historical context to make it all make sense. Through the book, readers get a little snapshot into the lives of these astronauts in a way that’s missing from other biographical pieces focused on their missions.

The book hones in a little more on “the right stuff” that’s always talked about among astronauts and test pilots. In their own words, the astronauts lay out their commonalities and in the end, readers can see what kinds of things it takes to have “the right stuff.”

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