The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse

Barnes & Noble decided to choose a book of the year for 2019, and when it was announced, I just kind of shrugged it off. It was a new book, I had no idea who Charlie Mackesy is, and the sketches and font are very artsy and and not at all perfectly polished.

Then I read it.

It starts with the boy and the mole, and as they journey along, talking, they begin to unearth little gems of wisdom surrounding life, love, acceptance, friendship, strength, and so much more. It’s very Winnie-the -Pooh meets Mr. Rogers.

I read the book so that I could better recommend and sell it, but as I went through it, I found certain little truths resonating with me. Truly, it’s a book and message for all ages. Kindness starts with yourself. Asking for help is brave. Love is what brings you home. Friendship isn’t based on what you get, but who you are.

It’ll take you maybe all of 10 minutes to read. But I bet you’ll be like me, and find you want to go back, read it again, soak in the ideas and look closer at the sketches (even if they look like concept art or unfinished pieces).

While it’s a special book, I wasn’t sure I wanted to buy it for myself. After all, I’d already read it. But the more I thought about the story and it’s content, the more I realized I really wanted the book (and not just because I’m a hoarder of books). I realized that maybe this book is exactly what I need to keep handy on the shelf, to thumb through when I’m feeling a little discouraged, to remind myself that comparison is the biggest waste of time, to remember that, “if at first you don’t succeed, have some cake.”

So, check out our book of the year, you won’t be disappointed, but you might feel a little better.

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