Standing in the Rainbow

The last time I went on a book buying binge, I snagged a couple Fannie Flagg books. After Fried Green Tomatoes, I’ve been really interested in checking out some of her other work.

Standing in the Rainbow is a sweeping story that follows a small town in Missouri through the decades. It focuses on one family, following them through daily life. In many ways, it’s a coming of age story. In others, it’s reminiscent of the small town way of life that has long gone away.

While it wasn’t one of my favorite books to read, Standing in the Rainbow did provide an interesting style. Instead of following a rigid story arc, it flowed along throughout the years, going where the family goes. In that sense, it was a fun read, and perfectly timed, since I read it while writing my own NaNo story (it was nice to see that a collection of anecdotes can make a whole story).

Flagg’s characters were real and relatable, in her style. So even if the book wasn’t my favorite, I’m still excited to read the other one of hers I got. But, naturally, I’ve got a lot of others in line.

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