The Girl Behind the Red Rope

Why is it the best writers take the longest to put out books? Yes, I know the answer is obvious, but, you get the idea. When you have a favorite author, you just always want more.

Ted Dekker and his daughter Rachelle Dekker teamed up to write The Girl Behind the Red Rope, an engaging novel that feels quite reminiscent of The Village.

Grace lives in an isolated community tucked away in the mountains of Tennessee. The community fled the world invasion of Fury, demons bent on destruction. Only obeying the rules and remaining within the boundaries will keep them safe. But Grace and her brother start questioning the rules, but their doubts could prove to be the undoing of the whole community.

But Grace soon finds herself torn between what she’s always believed and the new ideas that are so persuasive. And when she has to make a decision, it may cost her her life.

In true Dekker style, the story is engaging and fast paced, breaking down theological ideas into easily-understood experiences.

While sometimes co-written stories can feel choppy, this one was seamlessly woven together, which is great because it doesn’t distract from the message of love.

If you’re looking for something engaging, be sure to check it out.

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