The Night Circus

I was excited to get to read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. After reading her new book, The Starless Sea, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this.

The story revolves, naturally, around a circus that only opens at night. What most people don’t know is the circus is an arena for an elaborate duel of magic and imagination between two young proteges. But the young magicians don’t really know the rules surrounding the duel, which leaves open the door for many possibilities. Slowly, they begin to fall in love from witnessing each other’s magic and creativity. But when they find out one only wins when the other is extinguished, they start searching for a way to escape with their lives–and the circus– in tact.

The Night Circus is a fantastic story, full of imagery, imagination, and emotion. Morgenstern’s writing style gives you the information you need to know, and leaves you pleasantly anticipating the next chapter, ready to see what happens. Not quite suspenseful, but not quite predictable, Morgenstern creates a story that you simply want to experience and enjoy slowly, but all at once.

Though you get to read both sides of the story, you find it doesn’t give you that much more information than the magicians themselves have, allowing you to learn with the characters the rules and parameters of the duel.

One thing I do enjoy about Morgenstern’s writing is how she doesn’t necessarily give a complete recap at the end. While she wraps things up, the reader must be doing their due diligence to make sure they’ve collected all the strands of the story and followed them to conclusion. This also makes me interested in reading her books again, to see if there were bits I missed the first go around. With so much allegory and imagery, I’m sure there is. And I’m OK with that, since it makes it the kind of book that’s enjoyable to read several times, as you get something new from it every time (not that I don’t reread books, to me, books are like old friends).

Erin Morgenstern is one author I’m going to be following, snatching up books as quick as she can put them out. If you’re looking for something both literary and fantasy, she’s your author.

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