The Story of King Arthur and His Knights

So, I decided to just dive right in to Arthurian lore after reading The Mists if Avalon. And though I’m interspersing it with other things, I’m definitely on the path now.

A reasonable place to start seemed to be Howard Pyle’s Story of King Arthur and His Knights. Geared a little more toward children, I’d say, it’s a pretty classic story of King Arthur.

It introduces Arthur as a foster son to a well-known knight. On accident, Arthur pulls the sword from the stone and is revealed as the next king. From there, it’s a series of classic Arthurian tales and adventures: winning Excalibur, wedding Lady Guinevere, the betrayal by Morgana le Fay, and the downfall of various noble figures.

Distinctly missing from the store, though hinted at, was Lancelot. Though for a children’s book, it might be challenging subject matter to handle.

The story moves along quickly enough, and reads easily enough, despite its sometimes archaic language. It’s a fun, quick read to dip your toe into some classic King Arthur, without getting in too deep.

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