The Last Lecture

Do you ever grab a book to read knowing it’ll be a tough kind of read, then realize it hits too close to home? Yeah, I hate that, too.

DSC00585Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture is literally that. Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Pausch had a unique experience to truly have one last lecture. Full of insight and wisdom from a man who packed a lot into a short life, Pausch had a second reason for the lecture (and the book): to give his kids something to remember him by.

Now, I knew exactly what this book was going to be. But I didn’t put two and two together and remember that it might not be the kind of book I want to be reading right now. Oops.

That said, it was a good book and a study, of sorts, in optimism, which I’m notoriously awful with. But when it sets the tone for life, any dream is possible, any obstacle is surmountable, and every moment becomes precious and cherishable. For me, that was a good reminder, to continue to live and pursue joy, instead of getting bogged down in the challenges.

I thought the book was going to be essentially a transcript of the lecture he gave, but it wasn’t, it was written in a very personal style, like he’s sitting there with you, giving you some advice and wisdom.

I’m not quite ready to actually go and watch the last lecture, but for now, I’ve got some perspective changing to get to.

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