Her Last Flight

I’ve read another book by Beatriz Williams, she’s fun for light intrigue. However, Her Last Flight, though full of potential, wasn’t quite my cup of tea.

DSC00584Janey Everett is a photojournalist on a mission: to fund out what happened in the final days of famous pilot Sam Mallory. The key to the mystery is Mallory’s partner, Irene Foster. So Everett’s first mission is to find Foster, who disappeared in a round-the-globe race.

But discovering the story is more than just professional interest for Janey, and soon she has to determine how far she’s willing to go to get the truth. And whether she’s ready to face what she hears.

The story was very good, despite having an inkling about one or two plot points within the first 100 pages. However, the characters posed some challenges. The classic loveless marriage as an excuse to have an affair didn’t sit well with me.

Additionally, the baggage Janey carried around, though it makes sense, didn’t seem to fit the story well. Raised without her father and taken advantage of by her step-father as a young woman, Janey has commitment issues and, frankly, becomes a sex addict. However, it didn’t seem to add to the story, and made is less enjoyable for me to read.

This was disappointing, because the story was otherwise quite enjoyable, full of intrigue and adventure.

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