Curse of the Boggin

I am quite enjoying the simplicity of children’s books, lately. And I don’t mean that the books or plots are simple, because they are as engaged and twisty as some adult books, but it’s nice to have good guys and bad guys, right and wrong, and to be able to actually like the protagonist. And also, they are just fun and easy to read.

D.J. MacHale’s Curse of the Boggin is the first in the Library Book series. Marcus O’Hara lives a normal life, until the day when he doesn’t. At first he thinks he’s imagining things, or maybe hallucinating. He’s seeing things that can’t be real. But soon he has to accept that ghosts, hauntings, and even monsters are real, because he’s experienced all of them. Armed with a mysterious key that takes him to a strange, other-dimensional library, Marcus and his friends need to find a way to put and end to his haunting and conclude a story that started long before they were involved.

This is exactly the kind of book I would have loved as a kid (and still love as an adult). It’s got mystery, suspense, a little bit of drama, all combined to make a fast-paced adventure. It’s easy to read, written in a conversational way, no highfalutin words or unnecessarily complex structures.

Curse of the Boggin was a fun read, and I’m probably going to end up reading other books in the series, just because it’s a nice break from the adult fare. So whether you’re looking for a fun and slightly spooky book for kids, or the same for adults, this might be the way to go.

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