I put off reading this book for a while because it’s the start of a series, and lately I’ve been avoiding series. Especially with libraries closed/operating with modifications, it just makes more sense to not commit to a series. But I’m trying to accept that I don’t have to binge a whole series right in one go. It’s OK to try it and not finish it right away (though, then if I want to keep reading usually I have to reread what I’ve already read, which is why I usually don’t start a series until I’m ready to commit, so…).

Anyway, Magyk is the first book in the Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage. On the night of his birth, Septimus Heap is whisked away from his family after being pronounced dead by the midwife. The same night, his father finds an abandoned baby girl and brings her home. Jenna is accepted as one of the family–not replacing their seventh son, but easing the loss some–until her 10th birthday, when things start to fall apart.

Jenna finds out her family isn’t actually hers, and now it’s her turn to be whisked away, supposedly out of danger but things go awry and Jenna finds herself right in the thick of everything. After all these years, it’s finally time to bring some secrets into the light and begin putting things to right.

Sage writes a fun and easy to read magical story. It’s filled with intrigue and twists, keeping readers engaged and trying to see where the story and characters are going. Some of her characters explore the idea of being villainous simply because of the environment they were raised in, which opens the door to exploring transformation when exposed to kindness and goodness.

If the first book is indicative of the series as a whole, it’s definitely one worth reading for kids (and adults) who enjoy the medieval fantasy genre. And since they are a little longer, they might last two days if you’re careful.

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