City of Ghosts

I thought it was bad enough working at a bookstore and coming home with all these new books I wanted to read. Now that I’m back in the world of libraries, all the books I already have are definitely going to feel neglected as I gallivant off with other attractive books.

But there’s just something special about binging all the books by a favorite author. I haven’t really done it since I was a teenager, and V.E. Schwab’s stories are calling.

City of Ghosts is the first in Schwab’s Cassidy Blake series. Cassidy is far from a normal teenager– after drowning and coming back, she’s found she has access into the Veil, the world between this one and the next. It’s sometimes creepy but never really dangerous, at least not until she travels to Edinburgh with her ghost-hunting parents.

In Scotland, Cassidy learns that her gift is about more than jaunts into the in-between, and not all ghosts are harmless. Her gift could put her very life in danger through an end much worse than mere death.

Though this is a book written for middle grade kids, Schwab does a great job of writing a gripping and interesting story that seems to tie in to her Villains series and ExtraOrdinary people.

Schwab builds her story with background and character history, establishing them before throwing them into danger, and I like this about her writing. It make me feel like I’m already friends with the character before things get tough.

City of Ghosts proves that Schwab’s masterful storytelling isn’t limited to one age group, but that she can write for anyone and engage everyone. And the threads she weaves throughout the story, to continue in the next book(s), grip her readers and keep them coming back.

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