Tunnel of Bones: A playful paranormal story set in Paris

V.E. Schwab’s second book in the Cassidy Blake series explores a new city and a new supernatural challenge.

Still traveling with her parents as they film their TV show, Cassidy finds herself in Paris. And while the veil presses and pulls at her, so far she’s able to maintain control. But it doesn’t take long for Cass to start feeling chills and experiencing inexplicable accidents. Drawing on Lara’s knowledge–and ghostly mentor–Cass finds out she’s somehow woken a poltergeist. And if she isn’t able to help him remember who he was and send him on, he will progress from mischief to menace to mayhem, and all of Paris could pay the price.

In her classic style, Schwab writers her villains in a way that forces readers to relate and sympathize with them, at least a little. Though Cass has to engage in the fight to protect herself, it becomes compassion that motivates her to put the past to rest. Writing in first person allows Schwab to get inside Cass’s mind and let readers really get to know the character, which I like.

Since it’s written for kids, this series is a little more creepy than scary, which means it perfect for readers like me who aren’t really into full horror but still like to feel chilled every now and then. Overall, it’s a fun series for all ages.

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