Bridge of Souls: A fun way to get that paranormal fantasy fix

The third installment of V.E. Schwab’s Cassidy Blake series was recently released, and I wasted no time requesting a copy from my local library. Despite being children’s fiction, I have loved the series. Children’s books can be a great change of pace in reading, plus a lot of them are tremendously well written.

Bridge of Souls finds Cass and her family in New Orleans, once again filming for her parents’ paranormal show. When they left Paris, Cass saw a frightening figure and she hoped she left it behind. But they haven’t been in New Orleans long when she realizes that whatever it is, it’s still following her. Teaming up with steadfast Jacob and knowledgeable Lara, Cass finds out what it is that’s following her and comes up with a risky plan to defeat it. But the price of her safety could be losing one of her friends, and that thought is more than she can bear.

I read this book in one day. In Schwab’s style, she grabs the reader and launches us in headfirst. The action starts on page one and continues along at a fast pace until the very end. Each of Schwab’s three main characters are different in personality, and she does an excellent job of writing each one as an individual.

This is exactly the kind of book I would have recommended to kids looking for scary books. Sometimes creepy and dark, it’s probably something that would have freaked me out as a kid. But as an adult, I love it. It’s just the right amount of paranormal mixed in with plenty of fantasy. And the varied locations stir up an appreciation for history, as well as the desire to get out and see it for myself.

While the series as a whole might deter some readers (or parents) who don’t want to fill their kids’ heads with thoughts of ghosts and emissaries of death, I think Schwab did a great job of taking paranormal subject matter and toning it down for kids, creating an exciting series that’s sure to entertain them. She doesn’t touch much on rituals and she avoids the demonic side of the occult. The series is just fun, the experiences of a young girl who almost died and now can step into the in-between and see the ghosts that are lingering.

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