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NaNoWriMo: Week 1

I have successfully completed the first week of NaNoWriMo, and my word count is on track. I’ve only been behind one day.

My writing process is going smoothly, in large part because I have general plans and content for the chapters I’ve written so far (who knows what will happen after chapter 13. That’s where my planning had ended). And I’m making time to write. That is my downfall, during the other 11 months of the year, I don’t always make time to write.

There is just something about November that makes it easier. I think it is, in large part, because I know I am part of a group that is embarking on the journey to creativity. No one is really paying attention to my word count, no one will really know if I finish or not, but somehow being part of the group motivates me in a way that I’m lacking on my own. So, maybe I need to find myself a writing group. Also, being able to update my word count, and turn little bars from blue to green as I meet daily goals is satisfying. I wonder if stickers on the calendar would be as gratifying…

I’ve also been trying to be more conscientious about my writing. In my planning and outlining, I’ve been challenging myself to break up the action with slow life-picture scenes. Scenes that give more insight into the character, instead of just moving the storyline along. I’ve also been working on tie-ins. If I mention this early on, how can I make it relevant later? Or, conversely, if something happens, and I want to address it later on, what can I do now that will open the door then? This last part is something I really want to develop, because they are my favorite bits of stories, the subplots revolving around things that seem inconsequential, or that you almost forget about, until it comes back up in a completely natural and relevant way. I want to be able to write that seamlessly.

And I’m thinking about my characters, trying to develop individual tones and personalities that reflect in their words and actions. I don’t want cookie cutter characters. I want to write people.

So, that’s where I am, one week in. I’m following my outline, but veering off when it seems like the right thing to do. And I’m still outlining as I go, which allows me to recognize how things happening now can come back up later. And then I write it down so I don’t forget. And some of the things I thought were going to happen may not happen after all.

Onward, now, to week two.